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By: Anonymous
Title: Happy with work Customer
Review: I haven't really smiled in 5 years, and with what i have had done so far, I am finally doing so.
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An open letter to everyone wanting a reason to smile – Dr. Peter Silberstein is, in my opinion, “the dentist all others should aspire to be.” I lived with a mouthful of woe…bleeding gums…cavities…teeth that chipped on a weekly basis…I would dream of problems with my teeth on a nightly basis, and as if it were “wish fulfillment,” I would wake up and lo and behold my tongue would produce a piece of enamel more often than not, and I lived moment to moment every single day just waiting for something else to go wrong inside of my mouth. As a salesman I travel all over the world seeing customers, and I was embarrassed to open my mouth – I was so self-conscious of my brownish – yellow – gray/black teeth that I always covered up my mouth with my palm to prevent anyone catching the slightest glimpse of my horrendous mouth.

I swear to you all – for 20 years a week did not pass when I was not visiting a dentist in the city I was in – I spent a fortune on fixing the same problems again and again – it was a never ending story of guilt, embarrassment and pain. Arriving in Boca with a broken veneer, I called – (I have seen 50 – 60 different dentists) over the years during my travels, many good ones through this service, but Dr. Silberstein proved to be someone special on my first visit. Having the same veneers repaired and occasionally replaced for the ten years prior, I know and understand the mechanics of how the work needs to be done. I was thrilled with the care and superlative work Dr. Silberstein provided me with on my first visit.

His own smile greatly impressed me from day 1, and I sensed his hands had a thorough knowledge of working on serious problems. I wasn’t disappointed. I knew after he created and built an entirely new veneer for me – I instantly knew that I was ready to place my entire mouth in this man’s capable hands to rebuild my entire mouth. I have met people who have had crowns, implants, veneers, etc., the whole nine yards – and the fact is so many of them remain unhappy with the finished work because the live in pain! I turned my mouth over to Dr. Silberstein…it was a long process, but I have a gorgeous mouth and I have absolutely no pain; no discomfort; I receive compliments on my beautiful mouthful of whiteywhite teeth. When people ask me, “Bruce? Are those your teeth?” I respond – “they’re in my mouth…they must be my teeth!”

I recommend Dr. Silberstein to everyone wanting a man with exceptional talent and personal care for his patients. He is and always will be my dentist.
I found Dr. Silberstein and all the staff to be professional, extremely pleasant and caring. The office was very clean, comfortable and the decor was inviting.
I called in as an emergency patient suffering severe pain and was accommodated swiftly and courteously with an immediate appointment until my problem was resolved prompt/efficient/caring with a high degree of integrity.
Dr. Silberstein was extremely patient and explained the procedure perfectly. Very impressed with his ability to make me feel comfortable so much that I fell asleep at one point.
I found Dr. Silberstein and all the staff to be professional, extremely pleasant and caring. The office was very clean, comfortable and the decor was inviting.
The visit was great. My wife and i felt very at ease with the entire experience.
My Mom appreciates the intensity and focus of Dr. Silberstein and his mission to provide her 88 year old mouth with a new set of teeth so she can enjoy the thrill of eating food for the next 25 years.
Dr. Silberstein, is a master at his craft. Although I'm a new patient, I'm very impressed with a more complicated procedure he performed. His treatment rooms are very modern, complete with state of the art equipment. The dental staff at this practice is very impressive too. Everyone here knows what they are doing and they do it well.


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